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Construct consulting

I joined the Construct community back in 2014, and since then, I built up a lot of knowledge about the engine.
I feel like, I can now make that knowledge available to other people.
Give me a try :)

Some games I helped on

I saved a ton of precious time by solving blocking issues these games were having.

Hypnospace Outlaw
10mg: SNAAAK

Some games I worked on

Games I am a primary developer in.

OvO is a fast paced parkour platformer.
It started as a fun game jam entry, but it is now a popular speedrun game with a very active community.


Rhythmy is an arcade-style rhythm bullet hell game.
I started working on the game a while ago to help push it to Early Access and make a level editor for it.

Some addons I made

Popular plugins, behaviors and effects I made, downloaded by hundreds.

Input manager
Skin it
Spritefont Deluxe
Better Outline
Greenworks Redraw
Run in background

Community content I produced

I also produced a good amount of courses, tutorials, community and blog posts.
Advanced Lighting

I made a complex lighting system a while ago for my game, and I wrote a very detailed tutorial about how to replicate it.


'Was that addon ported ?' is a community driven website I made that references many popular Construct 2 addons that were then ported to Construct 3.

Skymen's Blog

I also keep a blog about various projects or takes I have that are related to Contruct in some way.

Why me?

Well, that's simple: I wanna help.
I'm always glad to help out on Construct projects, no matter the size.
I have acquired a ton of knowledge over the years, and it'd be a shame for that to go to waste.

I have already helped with many projects, be it by giving tipsmaking addons, or fixing bugs.

Don't take my word for it

I was looking for a complete Slider Bar solution for C3 with no events, just plug & play, to build my own apps easily.
At first my idea was a custom plugin, but Ossama came up with a more efficient solution using a fully customisable JS script.
It worked perfectly for my needs with nice extra additions.
100% Recommended.

Davit Masia

Davit Masia

Game/Tools Designer

Skymen came to the rescue a few minutes after mentioning my issue on the Construct Community Discord channel.
We had our game ready to ship in the next few hours, it was unbelievable!
His service is absolutely astonishing, definitely your best bet when it comes to Construct.



Developer of SNAAAK

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